Tropical Forest Spa in Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions

The delicious fruit of exotic flame in Latin America by Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions in the unique region with much more than Ecuador’s Tropical Forest Resort & Spa – ARASHA is the biggest inspiration to our name Latin Tour Dimensions.

The never to be missed activities at this place are night walk with your partner or friends with torches, spa therapies, disco,  jacuzi, mini golf, pool and chocolate workshop.

Must visit location once in a lifetime by Michael Steinberger LTD for unique experience with stress-relieving aromatic massage at ARASHÁ that appeals to all senses, participate in educational ECO-tours and to making chocolate out of cacao seeds, .

Kaleidoscope Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Adventure

Travel with family is always a superior option than any other way to travel. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions welcomes you to Brazil’s first hand experience to hidden treasures. To make your tour more fun loving we customize an itinerary. The incredible views can be viewed around the bay in cruise.

Latin Tour Dimensions offers exquisite beaches, fiery cuisine, colonial churches and exotic mystical Afro-Brazilian rituals from the Rio de Janeiro, to the amazing Iguassu Falls and mystical Salvador, considered the spiritual and cultural center of Brazil offering .


Our travel groups always gets something new and exciting with Brazil’s Kaleidoscope Adventures that help create en lasting memories.

Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Galapagos Cruising Adventure

How many of you love to be on a cruise? Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions reveals you into the Galapagos Islands, where you get untamed adventure of snorkeling, hiking with fun cruising. Fly today and board our comfortable expedition ship with high quality vessels. The islands here were born from volcanoes out of the sea. Over 1000km of ocean plant and animal species traversed to colonize the islands.


High Class Cruise – Galapagos

Latin Tour Dimensions includes a Galapagos National Park Authority certified Level III bilingual naturalist guide and a dedicated Cruise Director to ensure that you are comfortable and safe on both land as well as on cruise.

Most Scenic Lake District Crossing By Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimenisons

Puerto Montt located  at the southern end of the Chilean Lake District is gateway to the scenic Lake District and is the most spectacular way to tour from Argentina to Chile. Colonized by German immigrants in the mid-1800s, Chilean Lake District crossing is a natural bedspread of millinery forests, snow-wrap up peaks, slumbering volcanoes and emerald lakes. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions takes you through the all-season tour that a lot of of visitors enjoy every year. The area retains its European extract and is appreciated finest in villages of weathered wooden homes, shingled roofs and elegant balconies and Bavarian-like towns.


Puerto Varas is a charismatic 19th century town 12 miles north of Puerto Montt, facing the eternally snow capped cone of majestic Osorno Volcano and on the coasts of Lake Llanquihue.

michael steinberger latin tour dimensions

If you are looking for a scenic route then you must take your tour through Argentina to Chile with Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions.

Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Costa Rica Eco Adventure

Merely the extent of the State of West Virginia, Costa Rica is a country with natural spectacular beauty boasting a bunch of attractions consisting of exotic & romantic beaches and coral, tropical rainforests, volcanoes, scarlet sunsets, mountains and a very diverse range of wildlife. Michel Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensons get you from the breathtaking Pacuare River white-water rafting, to Tortuguero, one of the utmost varied within the Costa Rica park system. We designed this tour to introduce you to the eco-diversity of Costa Rica. Boasting II ecological habitats, from high rain-forest to herb like marsh communities to Arenal Volcano which still an alive volcano providing a continuous view and sounds courtesy of Mother Nature is a home to a vigourous flora and fauna communities.


Enjoy standard resort vacation content sitting on a lounge chair sipping an umbrella drink with Latin Tour Dimensions.

Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Assure You Majesty That Is So Beautiful With Amazing Tour In Peru With Luxury

Peru is the third largest country in South America and is considered as an open Air Museum by many, boasts some of the most spectacular and varied scenery in South America. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions gets you into the ancient cultures with rich colonial tradition, surrounded by some of the richest biodiversities on Earth. Peru as simply fascinating, arguably without equal. We invite you to experience, first hand, the mysteries and enchantments that Peru has to offer.


We invites you to get familiar with our Touristic Packages and the Additional Services that you might need to make your trip The Most Enjoyable.


Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Get Revel you In An Unforgettable Safari

The Pantanal is the largest inundated plain in the world where Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions can be fairly certain you will see WILD jaguar and is a refuge for endangered species like the giant anteater, the hyacinth macaw and the giant otter. The dry and wet seasons are a noticeable characteristic of this ecosystem and dictate the rhythm of the incredible wild life sheltered in its ecosystem.


Beyond this Pantanal contains the greatest biodiversity. It is good to visit Pantanal anytime in the year.