Most Scenic Lake District Crossing By Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimenisons

Puerto Montt located  at the southern end of the Chilean Lake District is gateway to the scenic Lake District and is the most spectacular way to tour from Argentina to Chile. Colonized by German immigrants in the mid-1800s, Chilean Lake District crossing is a natural bedspread of millinery forests, snow-wrap up peaks, slumbering volcanoes and emerald lakes. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions takes you through the all-season tour that a lot of of visitors enjoy every year. The area retains its European extract and is appreciated finest in villages of weathered wooden homes, shingled roofs and elegant balconies and Bavarian-like towns.


Puerto Varas is a charismatic 19th century town 12 miles north of Puerto Montt, facing the eternally snow capped cone of majestic Osorno Volcano and on the coasts of Lake Llanquihue.

michael steinberger latin tour dimensions

If you are looking for a scenic route then you must take your tour through Argentina to Chile with Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions.


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