Michael SteinbergerLatin Tour Dimensions:  With 4 decades experience in travel to Latin American, Michael Steinberger is considered a pioneer in tourism to Central and South America.  During a span of 40 years, Michael developed a broad and diverse understanding of the industry, including in-depth product and destination knowledge, leveraged against a wide range of contacts in the industry, including the private, as well as government sectors. These contacts combined with the many years’ hands-on experience and development of marketing skills provides Michael unique perspectives and opportunities in the development of business models exceeding the norms of the industry.

A proactive visionary in the emergence of Latin America tourism, Michael Steinberger LATIN TOUR DIMENSIONS created multiple tour-related business ventures.  He has built two highly successful, well-know Latin American tour companies during this time including Latour in the early 80s; and later the LTD Travel Group featuring Latin Tour Dimensions; both enterprises were designed as progressive business models, always at the leading edge of evolutionary dynamic that brought about the emergence of Central and south America as a leader in worldwide tourism.

Early to identify the paradigm shift in tourism to Latin America brought about by the convergence of the information age, and the emergence of interest in experience-style vacations, wherein the North American traveler’s interests and motives for travel underwent a cosmic-change.  The emerging shift created a traveler seeking to combine cultural and historical attributes and some level of adventure; a new awareness about environment, eco-systems and appreciation for gastronomy and fine wines of the region, completely changed the dynamic and discussion for travel to the region.  This new dynamic created a need for boutique-style tour operators able to provided in-depth destination knowledge; able and willing to engage the newfound interest in tourism to Latin America with a profound sense of commitment to accommodate the shift in interests and be able to deliver on the preferences and interests of the emerging better informed more demanding traveler.

Michael Steinberger created the LTD Travel Group as the phoenix of Latour, the forerunner tour company from where Steinberger perfected and elevated the art of travel. Considered a leader in the upscale tourism to Latin America, LTD offers a myriad of travel opportunities covering the diverse Latin America region, running the gamut from the basic fun and sun, to a variety of discovery tours designed to open the horizons of travel opportunities unique to Latin America, capturing the rich historical, cultural and ecological attributes that are pervasive in the region.


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