Touch The Sky In Quito With Latin Tour Dimensions

Whenever you are looking for family adventure, Latin Tour Dimensions brings you the real flavor of your vacations with a tour to Quito. Discover the new ways to experience the natural and cultural treasure of Quito. Take a walking tour to the beautiful highlights of colonial town. Visit Panecillo and enjoy the panoramic sightseeing view of “Virgen de Quito” and the city. Beside this all you will get the chance to stand above the real equatorial line and perform magical activities like balancing an egg over the nail etc. Its more than the city and it is truly beautiful from inside.

The ancient history is still hidden and evidenced in mixtures of Catholic practices with trust in nature, sun and moon & known for it social, cultural, economic and spiritual center sacred land for a lot of people.

Quito Latin Tour Dimensions


La Tomatina Spain Fest With Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions

Discover the VIP series of luxury tours visiting historical and cultural regions of Spain. If you are visit this destination first time, Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions inviting you to delve into this unique blend where you will get addicted to the attractions at every turn.This is the time where La Tomatina is going to held in Spain. It is a giant food fight festival celebrated each year on last Wednesday of August near Valencia in a town of Bunol. Thousands of people participate in this fest by throwing over-ripen tomatoes over each other. There is a paella cooking contest before the fest one night before and it includes dancing, music, fireworks and parades.


Latin Tour Dimensions gets you into the exotic beaches. The season of spring fall is the best time to visit between the months of April – October. Travel in the high speed AVE train from Madrid to other cities within minutes. The best inviting TAPAS is everyone’s first attraction instead of having breakfast or lunch.


Rio Carnival 2015 With Latin Tour Dimensions

After the fever of FIFA 2014, Brazil is going to gives a fresh new start again with the world’s biggest Carnival – The RIO CARNIVAL 2015 in RIO DE JANERIO. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions are inviting you to come and join the biggest party on the earth.The carnival attracts people from all over the world. SAMBA Music, Erotic Babes Dance and Street Parades builds anticipation and excitement with the time as the carnival gets closer and closer. RIO Carnival welcomes all locals and foreigners to participate without any distinction.


Michael-Steinberger-Latin-Tour-Dimensions-Rio-CarnivalThis is the best holiday without any doubt. Michael Steinberger suggests to get your booking before the time flows away from your hands. Enjoy the electrifying nightlife and experience the delicious samba dancers with pleasant music with Latin Tour Dimensions.


Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Florianopolis Tourism

Florianpolis the capital of Santa Catarina, South Brazil boasts around 42 individual beaches. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions thriving you to these destination for its amazing seafood, Biking Tours and excellent surfing. Amazing Blue Beaches Tours, Eco Nature Tour on an eco friendly provides never ending adventure. The climate of Floripa throughout the year is well distributed and significant.

Floripa-Tours-beaches-michael-steinberger-latin-tour-dimensionsLatin Tour Dimensions Monitoring of climate at Floripa, Brazil is mentioned in the chart below


Chiclayo Peru Tourism

Chiclayo is an archaeology-lover’s paradise in Northern coasts of Peru. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions gets you to the Chiclayo’s most visited and leading tourist attraction in the heart of Lambayeque Valley where The Lord of Sipan Tomb is located which is considered as of the highest rank. Discovered in 80’s century, this tomb becomes the attractive place among people.

lord-of-sipan-michael-steinberger-latin-tour-dimensionsScreening latest blockbusters movies is an another tourist’s attraction for Chiclayo’s own home cinema screens. Shopping and The Plaza De Armas withing the city center is also a good place.

Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions Tictica Lake Adventure

Lake Tictika is a gem of Peru. Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions specializes in Lake Titicaca Tours in Puno. Its fresh looking and clear water gives you a fresh new feel. The experience of stepping onto Uros Island is a do not miss activity where you feel a bouncy effect each time you put your steps on the reeds.

Latin Tour Dimensions further takes you to the Taquile and Amantani Island, which is an outstanding experience. The floating fun in the boats of their own boats at the island is wonderful then to float in your own boat.


Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions delve into Parati

Here you are going to see the finest location by Michael Steinberger Latin Tour Dimensions in Brazil. Within a tropical forest, it is a virtual museum of the Parati. Possesses the classical Portuguese colonial buildings of 18th century. Latin Tour Dimensions provides special tour to this unique travel destination for sophisticated tourists who seeks for spectacular beaches and sunshine within a classical architectural setting.

michael steinberger latin tour dimensions paratiparati street